Chemical Dosing Systems

Chemical Dosing Systems

Chemical Dosing Systems

    • We provide Chemical Dosing Systems according to customer needs.
    • We combine our multi disiplinary experience chemical dosing field into design and application processes we have.
    • With continuos improvement and development activities we assure our customers to have the most recent technology and services possible in the market with high quality.
    • Dağgaz engineering team is ATEX Certificated.
    • Dağgaz also produces his own software and CAD drawings by his engineers. The design of the skids are done by Daggaz engineers.
    • The content of the system that contains the products of the brands that famous in world along with the products of Dağgaz
    • Dağgaz mainly uses Siemens controllers and softwares (PLC-HMI) in his systems
    • Instant feedback and warnings that detect system errors and failures
    • Pump options to API 675 standards
    • Optional D Class control panel
    • ATEX, EAC, CE approval


    Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Systems

    To decrease corrosion in pipelines

    Oxygen Scavenger Injection Systems

    To remove remaining oxygen

    Scale Inhibitor Injection Systems

    To prevent the precipitation and aggregation of slightly insoluble compound

    Demulsifiers Injection Systems

    To separate oil-water emulsions

    Biocide Injection Systems

    To limit the increase of bacteria

    Additive Injection Systems

    To increase the quality of the oil and gas

    Marker Injection SystemsFuel marking / coloring