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LPG Odorants

LPG Odor ChemicalVigileak®
It is a product developed for LPG, formed with high purity mercaptans and sulfur compounds. MES and TBM are used in this mixture with concentrations between 25 and 50 percent.

Ethyl Mercaptan
EM is mostly used in LPG (propane, butane) odorization. EM melting point is -148°C and boiling point is 35°C. These properties make EM the best choice for LPG odorization.

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Vigileak 7030

TertioButylMercaptan 30%
DiMethylSulfide 70%

Vigileak Z

TertioButylMercaptan 50%
MethylEthylSulfide 50%

Ethyl Mercaptan Ethyl Mercaptan 100%